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Kathleen Mills of PracticeMentors.us

My thoughts on the motives behind the almost official ce rules change proposal have been made fairly clear in previous posts. So, if we're going to have to live with their agenda, what can we do about it?

We're going to use their own poorly thought out rules in an effort to retain our practice autonomy and our conservative morals. That's what we're going to do.

We're All Preferred CE Providers!

Aside from believing that there is/was no real provable problem here to solve to begin with, and that their "profession improving" ce program is driven largely by money (they can deny it but look at the proposal and ask yourself who benefits the most and how, then get back to me), there are four highly offensive pieces to their poorly conceived efforts (explained in previous posts). Here's how we plan to deal with each of them.

1. The "Approved Provider List"

The A/P List has had a number of inclusion categories added to it as it ping-pongs back and forth between your Board and The BHEC Council. Now, the only people offering CE's that are NOT on the list are independent, non-supervisors, who cannot get approved by the associations, government entities, or hospital groups (or have no clue how to), or have no desire to be associated with them.

Solution: I can't announce the details on this one until the paperwork is done but I will say that the rules clearly state that an association related to the mental health industry automatically makes the A/P List. All that the Second-Class CE Providers are needing is a like-minded place to call home. Connect those dots and the details are coming soon.

2. Second-Class CE Providers

Your Boards and the various "key stakeholders" that sit on the Standards Committee have divided all ce providers into two arbitrary classes: their preferred providers and, "Other" (now why would they do that if there's no problem to fix?). Until the Board added supervisors to the A/P List I found myself in the Second-Class, "Other" category and that doesn't sit well with me. At all.

"Supervisors" is a recently added category to the A/P List, so just like that I'm no longer a Second-Class Provider, but that isn't enough for me. What about all the other quality ce providers who have made career choices not to be a supervisor and/or don't subscribe to the associations and/or the ideologies they're promoting? What they're telling us to our faces is that if you don't tow the line with their new program guidelines then you're ce content has less value. For no other reason than they say so.

Solution: We're putting together a qualifying program (see #1 above) and we're going to "bless" the ce programs of like-minded providers that find themselves in the "Other" bucket of Second Class CE Providers. Read that again and let it soak in.

The irony of the bad idea that is this ce rules proposal is that if almost everyone is on the A/P List, or can be with a qualifying member's simple blessing, why do we need an A/P List?

3. The 50% Rule

50% of your required hours will have to come from their arbitrary Approved Providers list.

Solution: The program we're putting together to bless Second-Class CE Providers will render this disgusting attempt at market manipulation, impotent.

4. Required Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity programming has become a way to inject ideas that can't stand on their own merits, into a required course in an effort to normalize them (see our previous post for our views on the hijacked Multicultural efforts). Now we're going to be required to take 3 hours of Cultural Diversity mind-control every two years. I'm not interested in sitting through 3 hours of woke-leftist ideology that changes its foundational tenets before I make it to the Exit door. No, thanks.

Solution: We'll be putting together our own "Cultural Diversity" CE Course with input from as many like-minded counselors as we can get. We may even offer that program for free (TBD) as an incentive to belong to our group mentioned in #1 above.


When you create rules or programs with an open and honest heart in an attempt to address real, quantifiable problems, and do it in a transparent environment, you end up with a solid solution that the majority can get behind.

Push a revenue-driven, special interest agenda with little regard for what your licensees think and you end up with mounting problems that will not go away.

And you get pushback. A lot of pushback.


Plan Smart. Be Safe. Serve Others.

Kathleen Mills, LPC-S, CEAP

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  1. Gina Martin, LPC on September 29, 2022 at 4:07 pm

    Kudos, Kathleen. You’ve got my support 100%. While I would be a darn good supervisor, as an intern who experienced a direct encounter with the horribly abusive (of power) board, I made the choice to not be a super. During the time period of acquiring my 3000 hours (internship), my 7th grade son had to have open heart surgery. I was out 2 weeks for that. Before we could resume supervision appointments, my supervisor had a heart attack and needed her own open heart surgery. Needless to say, my clients were going to be left without a counselor. I continued seeing my clients without the ability to meet with my supervisor. I did NOT count ANY of those 2 months of hours toward my 3000 hours.

    When we finally resumed supervision 2 months later, I began counting the hours (face-to-face with clients; supervision). I turned in well over 3000 hours total. If I remember right, it was 3,200 some-odd hours (this did not include any hours from when my supervisor was out those 2 months). After submitting all of my paperwork for licensure, my supervisor & I were summoned to appear before the board in Austin. They had the audacity to reprimand us (how dare my son & my supervisor have medical emergencies). They penalized her with a hefty fine & required that she & I do another 6 months of supervision (at my expense bc I had to pay her for each of those hours). That board wielded their power in a way that I personally got to witness and experience, and I was absolutely disgusted by their inhumane understanding of an uncontrollable, extreme circumstance. My supervisor no longer supervised another person after that incident with the board, and I decided then that I would NEVER be a supervisor.

    Truly sad because the LPC field lost not only 1 good supervisor but also a very good future supervisor. Please know, you and your pursuits have my support, standing up to the powers-that-be because I am like minded like you, in every way as far as I can see. I will most certainly be supporting the ce providers in this “other like-minded providers bucket.” Please keep me/us abreast of any other ways I/we can be helpful to your endeavors.

    • Kathleen Mills on September 30, 2022 at 4:44 pm

      I remember those days Gina. Boy, do I remember those days! And what I do know is that the Board has really been backed off from micromanaging the Supervisors since those DSHS days. The implementation of BHEC has really eliminated most (if not all) of that type of arbitrary rule-interpreting behavior and it’s much more streamlined and professional now. Really! (The Standards Committee and some agenda-driven rulemaking is another story!)

      I would love for you to reconsider becoming a supervisor because we need people like YOU to help equip the next generation (Phillip calls us, “pissed-off mama-bears!”). I urge you not to let the corruption of a prior board(s) steer you away from what our kids need the most; solid, morally-compassed mentors, otherwise…..they won. Rather, use it to fuel your passion to teach and help and, yes, fight where necessary. That way, you and the next generation get the last word and we win. Know that you’re not alone in wanting to do the right thing and you never will be. We’re not going anywhere.

      There are good associates out there and they’re looking for you right now. My four associates are testimony to that. They are amazing people and I feel like a kid in a candy store with them. THEY are why I do what I do. And I want you to feel like that, too. Your call, and I’ll be proud of you either way.

      I’m thinking we’ll meet one day soon, I bet!

  2. Dan Graham on September 27, 2022 at 11:51 am

    I agree. I’m in!

    • Kathleen Mills on September 27, 2022 at 12:41 pm

      😉 I’ll put you on our list and we’ll be in touch…

  3. Lupe Schneider on September 27, 2022 at 10:52 am

    Well said. Thank you for your informative emails and posts.

    • Kathleen Mills on September 27, 2022 at 11:15 am

      You’re welcome. And thank you for your feedback.

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