"Opportunities don't happen,
you create them."

--Chris Grosser


Q: What is Practice Mentors?
A: Practice Mentors is a logical extension of what I've been doing with the other counselors in my own practice for more than 20 years now. You can read a little bit about that on my About page.

Q: Why did you start Practice Mentors?
A: The sum of my own private practice experiences with my counselors, and the almost unbelievable experiences I had from 2009-2014, compelled me to want to teach a larger audience how to avoid what I went through.

Q: What is the objective of Practice Mentors?
A: In a nutshell, the overall objective is to teach you how to: Protect, Equip, and Defend yourself, your possessions, your family, and your practice from those that would do you great harm in those areas.

Q: Who is your target market(s)?
A: There are three target groups on whom we focus, but everyone is welcome. Those groups are: Students/Grad Students, Interns and 2nd Career Counselors, and Private Practice Counselors.

Q: I don't fall into any of your target market groups, I'm employed as a (counselor, etc). Is there anything here for me?
A: Absolutely! We never know what tomorrow brings and the days of 30-40 year careers working for the same company are gone. Arming yourself with the material we offer will put you in a much better place should you make a change and find yourself in one of our targeted groups. Dig the well before you need the water.

Q: Is your information free or does it cost money?
A: Both! Our podcast show is and will always be free. We offer some free events, some paid, and offer a growing number of products & services in, "The Store", our ecommerce area.

Q: Does your information apply only to Texas counselors?
A: Because we live and work in Texas, our initial and primary focus is Texas counselors, but the information we teach is valuable for any counselor in any state as a stimulus to seek out the correlating information for that counselor's state. We do have plans to expand into other states, in greater detail!

"If you only have eight hours to cut down a tree, spend six of them sharpening your axe."

--Abraham Lincoln