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A PCI Security Risk Assessment Discussion (1 CEU)

The name, “Tod Ferran”, is synonymous with “expert”.  In this hour Tod is going to take us through a PCI Risk Assessment explain why it is so, so important that you own this process and protect yourself. We talk a lot about protecting client data, and that is what we’re doing, but when you boil…

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Debra Lindell Talks About Empathic Software (1 CEU)

Debra Lindell is the owner of Empathic Software, an online billing service for counselors. In this audio recording, Debra talks to Kathleen Mills about the service and its functions, and what a mental health professional needs to look for in a good billing service. What You’ll Need Something to write with Something to write on…

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PCI Compliance For Counselors (1) CEU

The banking industry has guidelines for the security of data being transferred and processed between your office and the many parties involved in a simple transaction between your office and the bank. This body of guidelines is known as, “PCI Compliance”, and you are expected to know what it is, how it works, and what…

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