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Checklist For Interviewing Your Prospective Supervisor

A good Supervisor is more than just someone who signs off on hours and takes your weekly fees! Download the checklist below and raise your standards. It's your career!

Download “Checklist For Interviewing Prospective Supervisors”

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Pre-Interview Meeting Prep Questions for Associates/Interns

A good associate/intern is a good student and a good student prepares for the exams (and interviews). Separate yourself from the crowd. Download the checklist below and be prepared. It's your career!

Download “Pre-Interview Meeting Prep Questions for Associates”

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Associate Subscription Program

| PracticeMentorsWe know that getting a job, finding a supervisor and getting your 3000 licensing hours in the books is not easy, and it's not cheap, either. So we're doing our part to help Associates ease the financial burden of getting started by offering a ridiculously discounted and highly affordable subscription program to The Academy.

The Academy is our growing collection of original and curated content that we make available to Supervisors who have completed at least one of our workshops. The Academy exists to teach The Counseling Landscape which is that body of knowledge you'll need to know to practice legally, protect yourself and be totally compliant. There's far more to it than that but you'll get a good sense of it from the diagram linked to above.

The Associate Subscription Program gains a subscribing Associate access to the entire Academy as well! About 80% of the content is included (freely accessible) in the subscription fee, and a very generous discount is offered towards the Live, and On-Demand Workshops.

School taught you how to help people. The Academy is going to teach you everything else you need to know about practicing, and running a practice. Read more about it or if you're dealing with one of the Supervisors who has been to our training workshops or courses before, go ask them what they think about it.

Hope to see you at the top!

Kathleen Mills-Practice Mentors