My Empowered 3-Level Potential Harm Decision Tree

Potential Harm Decision Tree

I had a chance to review the last LPC Board Meeting again last week with a group of Supervisors attending one of our workshops. Things tend to focus the more you review them and such is the case with this particular topic. Building on my “Potential Harm” hierarchy I presented last week (go read that…

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3 Thoughts on Protecting Joe Citizen

Joe Citizen

Last week we defined a few terms and made a few arguments to support my basic position on protecting Joe Citizen. This week I’d like to establish a pecking order for prioritizing the safety of the three parties involved and see if we can establish a common-sense platform from which to operate. My Position on…

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6 Easy Ways to Avoid the “What’s BHEC?” Question

What's BHEC?

What’s BHEC? Yes, we’re still getting inquiries from fully licensed counselors asking, “What’s BHEC?”. A working knowledge of what BHEC is and how it affects your everything is not a life-threatening issue but it will be life-altering if you don’t get familiar with it sooner than later. Here’s 3 reasons why. BHEC Oversees Your Board…

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