The Counseling Landscape Workshop Series

Everything we teach is based around The Counseling Landscape. That's the body of information you need to know in order to run a successful practice, a lot of which is required by BHEC. Completing this series of workshops will put you in the top 5% of all mental health counselors trying to run a practice today and it will put you on a firm, safe foundation. Oh, and each of these workshops is a stand-alone event; you do not have to take the entire series to earn ce credit. Pick one and let's get started!

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TCL Pt 1 - BHEC, Complaint Process & The Academy

In this first in the series workshop we're going to cover some pretty important foundational aspects of the counseling profession, all stuff you didn't learn in school but vital to your personal and professional safety. We call that agenda, "The Counseling Landscape".

Over the years we've developed a lot of material designed specifically to Protect, Equip, and Defend you and your practice from those people out there who would all too easily take it from you, or be happy to see you lose everything you've worked so hard to achieve. I know that from personal experience. What happened to me doesn't have to happen to you and studying The Counseling Landscape with Phillip and me will be your biggest effort in keeping that from happening. Click the link and read about getting started.

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TCL Pt 2 - State Codes and Marketing Your Practice

In this second installment of the workshop series we'll cover another large slice of The Counseling Landscape pie. BHEC requires that you maintain a working knowledge of a fairly stout list of both State and Federal laws outside of your licensing rulebook, so we're going to tackle about half of that list in the first half of this workshop.

The balance we will cover in the third workshop. For a much needed change of pace we'll cover a list of critical things you need to know in order to market your practice and, if you're a supervisor, teach it to the next generation of associates. Click the link and read more about it.

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TCL Pt 3 - Coming Soon!

Our 3rd workshop in this series will finish the Federal and State Codes review that we began in workshop #2. Then we'll......

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TCL Pt 4 - Ch 611 Release of Records and Professional Forms

Our Chapter 611 Release of Records and Professional Forms Workshop is our best offering to get you up to speed on these two critical topics. One of the things we've learned doing workshops is that once a student learns the basics, the way the State wants things done, the need for properly executed forms almost always makes its way to the forefront of thought and conversation. We can almost see the light-bulbs going off!

So, we've packaged our very popular course, Chapter 611 and The Release of Records with newly minted material, Professional Counseling Forms, which includes the most popular forms needed to run a counseling practice in 2022. Click the link and see how we can help you to not be someone's next release of records complaint!

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TCL Pt 5 - The Optimal Practice

Whether you're thinking about opening your own practice or already have one, this workshop is designed to help you launch properly and think like a small-business owner. We'll put you in a better position to properly assess your practice framework options and determine the real costs of doing business.

We encourage all counselors to take this course. Whether you're just getting started as an associate or you're fully licensed and credentialed or maybe you have your Supervisory designation already, this course is for you!

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TCL Pt 6 - 40 Hr Texas Supervisor Training Workshop for LPC's and LMFT's

So you want to be a Supervisor? Good! We need more Supervisors with a "pay-it-forward" attitude and a desire to help the next generation of counselors launch their careers successfully.

What we're looking for are counselors who......well, click the link and I think you'll be happy with what you find there. We look forward to helping you reach your next professional goal!

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TCL Pt 7 - Our Next Retreat or Group Outing

Sometimes we just like to get away and do a little "self-care" with a group of our counselor friends. We like to do a variety of different activities to accomplish that objective and we're always open to new ideas as well. Typically about half the time we spend together is dedicated to doing whatever it is you want to do. Pure down-time. The remainder of our time together is doing whatever special activities we have planned and, of course, food. A lot of eating.

So what's the next event on our agenda? Click that link right below this text and find out! We'd love to have you join us.