11-18-20  This is the PracticeMentor.us, "Academy Portal Page". The Counseling Landscape categorical links below should be active December 1! Until then, read about The Academy below and enjoy the rest of the site.

If you're a supervisor please give serious thought to super-charging your associate training program with us by completing our next Supervisor Refresher Course. Associates, if you're looking for a supervisor please have a look at our Wall of Excellence for a list of our recommended supervisors and give them a call.

Watch your Inbox for launch information.

Welcome to The Academy!

Kathleen Mills of PracticeMentors.usThe Academy is a growing collection of free, discounted, and curated content created specifically for supervisors who want to raise the bar on associate education. It's that simple. It exists because supervisor training in the state of TX is affording us the opportunity to put the advanced class together and that's what we've done.

Membership in The Academy is granted only to those supervisors who have completed our Supervisor Refresher Course. Different levels of achievement and recognition may be obtained by attending a specific series of additional workshops. And that's just a couple of the ways supervisors benefit.

What about the associates? How do they benefit?

Glad you asked! Getting started in any profession is tough. The pressure is intense, money is tight, and there aren't enough hours in the day to get it all done. So here's what we're doing for the associates...

We teach something we call, The Counseling Landscape; an overview of every topic a licensed counselor needs to be well-versed in regardless of the form your practice takes. Regular site visitors pay for our offerings on a per course or per workshop basis. To keep the cost of post-grad school "apprenticeship" under control we've created a subscription program exclusively for verified associates.


A subscribing  associate has full access to all online courses, free podcasts, posts, and
the entire library of curated content for only $49/mo ($39/mo if paid annually). They
also get a 50% discount on all Live and On-Demand Workshops.


If you're already an official, "Mentor", then you're ready to avail yourself of the massive content library we've assembled for you. It's there to help you train your associates as they become our next generation of mental health professionals. So log in so the system recognizes you then select the category you need from, The Counseling Landscape, below, and enjoy!

Associates! Ready to Jump-Start Your Career?

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