Bad Website Hosting and It’s Unseen Effect on Your Practice

Website Hosting

This Week’s Poll Might be a good idea to read the post below first if you’re not sure how to define this survey’s answer options. Just sayin’…. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.What type of website hosting do you currently have? *Private HostingSemi-Private HostingBulk HostingNo idea what I have.I don’t have…

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My Position Statement on Content Posts

My Position Statement

I penned a post recently that elicited quite a response and some very emotional opinions, and I’d like to address that because there are more of them coming! Please allow me to set the table first. My Position Statement I am a liberty-loving, true conservative. I have always believed that the preservation of our liberties,…

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3 Critical Reasons to Check Your SPAM Folder

Check Your SPAM Folder

This Week’s Poll Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.How often do you check your SPAM folder? *Multiple times a day.Once a day.Once a week or less often.Never.No idea what you’re talking about!Vote Email has been with us for almost 30 years now. One of the communication skills we all need to…

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The Uniquely Powerful PracticeMentors Wall of Excellence

PracticeMentors Wall of Excellence

The PracticeMentors Wall of Excellence is growing quickly! We’ve determined that the 2021 Michigan Retreat is going to count as a “workshop” as far as moving up the ladder on The Wall of Excellence. Mostly because it IS a workshop, 7-10 CEUS and a ton of topics covered in The Counseling Landscape so why not.…

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