3 Basic Business Entity Points to Carefully Ponder

business entity

Selecting a business entity is a big deal. It’s your last line of defense and if it doesn’t deflect the wolves then there’s a good chance you’ll be starting all over somewhere. From the, “What They Didn’t Teach You in School About Running a Practice” file, here’s 3 points that I think should be understood…

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What is The Academy?

What is The Academy

What is The Academy? It’s an organized collection of materials; free, paid, live, recorded, original and curated! It’s built on a foundation we call, The Counseling Landscape and the basic content is available to all licensed mental health professionals. That means you don’t have to be a supervisor or an associate to avail yourself of the basic program. Simply…

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Practice Consulting by the Numbers

Mental Health Practice Consulting

Practice consulting has been on my mind lately; reviewing the lessons learned from 2020 and applying them to the betterment of our practices. Recently a gentlemen in West Texas asked me, “How can you enhance my practice and bank account?” I couldn’t have phrased our mission statement in question form any more succinctly than that! You…

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