May We Suggest You Begin Here?

PracticeMentors began as a way to give back, as the result of a professional crisis. A big one. To make your experience with Practicementors as beneficial as possible, we've assembled an overview to put you on a solid footing to get started. The website will make the most sense to you if you'll please read/scan this page in its' entirety and start at the top!

Oh, and please remember, the PracticeMentors programs are for all mental health licensees, from Associates to Supervisors. Our aim is to help all level of licensees Protect-Equip-and Defend themselves.

The, "Kathleen Mills Story"

| PracticeMentorsFirst, we suggest that you begin by taking a few minutes and watch, "The Kathleen Mills Story" first. Once that's behind you you'll understand clearly what the driving factors are behind PracticeMentors, and why Kathleen cares so much about helping to ensure that what happened to her, never happens to you.

The Counseling Landscape and Our, "Free Report For Counselors"

Okay, so now you know the, "why", and the, "who", behind  But "what" body of information does  PracticeMentors deal with? What we will be teaching you, is the objective of this step.

Kathleen's experiences made two points painfully clear:

  • That the current business model for the mental health counselor has some very large holes in its' defensive perimeters, and...
  • There are some dangerously absent subject-matter voids in the current continuing education climate.

We have consolidated all of the topic-categories dealt with on, into one easy-to-view diagram that outlines every subject-matter topic we hope to help you with.

Prefer the Written Word?

For those who prefer text over diagrams, we've outlined our objectives in this short report specifically to give you a working overview of the material we're delivering in our attempt to deal with both points mentioned above. You'll find that report here.  Please read through it now, then proceed to the third and final step in this orientation.

ebook cover

Our Program Offerings Explained

For All Licensees

Our goal is to train as many licensees as possible in the areas outlined in The Counseling Landscape diagram pictured above; to Protect-Equip-and Defend their practices, careers, financial portfolios, and families. Our Mission/Vision Statement published at the top of our Home Page clearly outlines the "Why" that drives our business objectives.

We hope to impart information critical to our mission through the following channels:

  • A weekly, free blog post written by Kathleen Mills limited exclusively to topics illustrated in The Counseling Landscape.
  • 1-2 hour Online Courses, each good for CE Credit and, again, all laser-focused on The Counseling Landscape subject-matter.
  • The Counseling Landscape Live Workshop Series. Each workshop is typically good for 7 CE credit hours and may be attended either in-person (live) or virtually (live) if you live outside of the DFW area and can't make the trip. 
  • Our On-Demand Workshop Library, a recorded collection of our live workshops that you may purchase and view at your convenience. 

For Associates

Getting started is tough. No one's really prepared you for what lies ahead after graduation so we're trying to do our part to make the journey a bit easier for you. We've assembled several tools that should help.

  • Let's start with that list of supervisors you've been looking for. But first, here's what one of Kathleen's Associates had to say about her difficult quest for a list and a supervisor, and how we were able to help her.

You'll find our list of preferred supervisor candidates right here. They're all over the state of Texas and they've all been to at least one of our The Counseling Landscape Workshops. That tells you that they have an interest in their practice that surpasses simple professional development, and in training you to learn the same. This will save you countless hours of pointless Google searches in your efforts to find an equally-yoked supervisor. You're welcome!

  • Second, we've built a very informative info-page for future associates and it might be very beneficial for you to view one of them (we make this page available to all of our workshop attendee Supervisors, so you may see it more than once!) right now. It contains a lot of helpful information and links to downloadable documents that you'll find helpful in your quest. Here's Kathleen's page on her practice's website, Life Tree Counseling. Have a look.
  • Third, we've also assembled a page with some useful resources for Associates. You can find that page right here
  • Fourth, we'd like to suggest that you read the next section, "For Supervisors", to better understand what we've done for them in order to prepare them to teach you. We think that once you fully realize how high we've raised the bar as it relates to the preferred teaching curriculum for the next generation, and once you realize how dangerous out there it can really be (did you listen to Kathleen's Story?), you'll never settle for anything less than a Supervisor who's been PracticeMentors trained. You've spent too much time, money and effort in getting this far to settle for anything less.

For Supervisors

Here's what we know about the current Supervisor Certification programs:

  • They're academically weighted and highly outdated.
  • They teach nothing about the screening and selection process of potential associates.
  • They offer no post-certification training course or curriculum. 
  • Their focus and direction is.....lacking.

We intend to fix that and be a leader in the State of Texas in doing so. Here's what we offer Supervisors who complete our workshops:

  • Part 6 of our Counseling Landscape Workshop Series is our version of the State required 40-Hour certification course. 
  • Supervisors that we've trained are supplied with our exclusive Associate Training Program and Curriculum. That's a proprietary 18-month training program we've assembled to address that third point in our Mission/Vision Statement---no Supervisor should ever have to leave a certification class without a turn-key training program in hand. We equip you with one for your benefit and the benefit of all your future associates.
  • The Academy (only accessible to workshop grads!) and the 18-Month Curriculum are two content-rich resources we've built to help you populate the training system we provide you. Use it as the foundation for your new program or augment your existing training. It's as flexible as you need it to be.
  • The Wall of Excellence is for any Supervisor who has completed 1 or more of our all-day workshops in The Counseling Landscape Workshop Series. It comprises a free list that future associates may work from and offers our Supervisors an exclusive way to market themselves.

Starting to get the big picture? Begin with The Counseling Landscape Diagram in mind, then maybe select one of our workshops to attend, and begin your education to Protect-Equip-and Defend your practice right now!