May We Suggest You Begin Here?

PracticeMentors began as a way to give back, as the result of a personal crisis. A big one. To make your experience with Practicementors as beneficial as possible, we've assembled a 3-Step overview to put you on a solid footing to get started.

The website will make the most sense to you if you'll please read/scan this page in its' entirety and begin with Step One.

The, "Kathleen Mills Story"

| PracticeMentorsStep One - We suggest that you begin by taking a few minutes and watch, "The Kathleen Mills Story" first. Once that's behind you you'll understand clearly what the driving factors are behind PracticeMentors, and why Kathleen cares so much about helping to ensure that what happened to her, never happens to you.

Our, "Free Report For Counselors"

Step Two - So now you know the, "who", and the, "why", behind  But "what" body of information does  PracticeMentors deal with? What we will be teaching you is the objective of this step.

Kathleen's experiences made two points painfully clear:

That the current business model for the mental health counselor has some very large holes in its' defensive perimeters, and...

There are some dangerously absent subject-matter voids in the current continuing education climate.

We have consolidated all of the topic-categories dealt with on, into one short report specifically to give you a working overview of the material we're delivering in our attempt to deal with both points mentioned above. You'll find that report here.  Please read through it now, then proceed to the third and final step in this orientation.

ebook cover

Our, "Continuing Education (CE) By Design" Curriculum Program...

"After I experienced what could only be described as a nightmare from hell, I became painfully aware of the lack of information out there, for counselors, about preventing what I had just been through. So, PracticeMentors was born, to fill the enormous gap in available business-related CE offerings for counselors."   

                                          --Kathleen Mills


| PracticeMentors

Step Three - At this point you know the who, why, and the what behind All that's left is the, "How", and that is the objective of this third and final leg of the stool.

There's nothing wrong with availing yourself of the, "professional development", CE courses that show up from time to time; they'll make you a better counselor. And there's nothing wrong with attending free CE events either (the producers of those events know better, the value of their offerings).

But "professional development" courses won't help you with State and Board regulations, Federal program compliance, Cyber-Violations, or Legal- and Insurance-related matters; programs that could end up costing you everything if you're not up-to-speed.

You planned your schooling, your internship, and you've done your best to plan the type of career you want to enjoy, why would you not plan your continuing education efforts?

We think you should, and we're working very hard to make that not only possible, but simple! Have a look at the "Continuing Education By Design" overview and download the free planning calendar. 

Give us a shout if you have any questions. We're here to help.