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Before you start your practice, before you decide anything about your new business comes the brand. Your brand is the foundation of everything in your practice, and it touches everything in your practice. Everything!

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It’s more than just a couple of inspiring colors and a piece of clip-art for a logo, it’s your “policy manual” for how everyone in your practice deals with everything your practice comes into contact with. That’s a pretty wide net, but it’s an accurate depiction of what brand is. Either you determine how your practice will be run, how it will be perceived by the public (to the extent you have control over that!) or other forces will do that for you.

The DIY program is going to fit most counseling practices. The on-premise implementation option is going to be for larger group practices and agencies typically with 12 or more in businesses doing in excess of $2.5 million a year.

Program Outline

Personal Motivation Factors
Finding Your “Why”; “Your Story”

Financial ReviewStart-Up Package Only!
Analysis of Your Financial Viability To Run A Business

Business PlanningStart-Up Package Only!
Your Business Plan

Brand Development
Internal-Staff Feedback
SWOT Analysis
“Core Values”;”Company Culture”

Internal-Messaging (Organizational Drivers)
Crafting Your “Vision Statement”
Crafting Your “Mission Statement”

External-Market Positioning (Verbal Brand)
Crafting Your “Brand Voice”
Crafting Your “Brand Position” & “Professional Development” Plan

External-Face of Your Practice (Visual Brand)
Creating Your Color Pallette/Tool Kit
Developing Your “Look & Feel”
Logo Development (included!)
Competitive Analysis
Your Website
Encrypted Email

Brand Protection Measures
Business Structure & DBA’s
Practice Forms
HIPAA Compliance Procedures
PCI Compliance Procedures
Complaint Process
Release of Records
Supervisory Protection
Your Compliance Management Team & Plan

Brand Marketing
Your Marketing Budget
Your Marketing Management Team & Plan
Your Marketing Strategy/Plan
Lead-Gen Systems
Messaging Platforms
Your Content Strategy/Plan


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