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With the exception of a couple of pdf files, all forms are text-based and come to you in customisable Word documents. Adjust your margins, add your logo if you have one, edit as you see fit and, voila! You have your branded practice form(s).

Forms Included...

Section 1 – TX Health and Safety Code Ch 611 Release of Records
Chapter 611 Texas Release of Records Statute
Checklist For Valid Authorization 2.1
Authorization To Disclose Health Info
General Release Excluding Notes
Release Psychotherapy Notes 2020
Review Of Determination Letter
Amendment Denial Letter 2.0
Receipt of Documents Requested

Section 2 – Client File Forms
New Client Intake Packet 2020 2.0
Authorization To Treat A Minor
Collateral Participation Agreement
Physician Correspondence Form Letter
Excused Absence

Section 3 – Provider File Forms
90791 Initial Intake Template
90834 Client Progress Notes
Treatment Plan Form
Consultation Notes

Section 4 – General Office Forms
Billing Sheet Log
GREEN Sheet Session Management Form
Credit Card Payment Authorization Form
Fax Cover Sheet
Insurance Verification Worksheet
Insurance Call Sheet
Note From The Billing Department
On-Site Work & Administrative Tasks
Suicide Risk Assessment Form

Section 5 – Informational Reading
Texas Chapter 201 Labor Code
Texas Independent Contractor Agreement

Section 6 – More Forms
Life Coach Services Agreement
ACE Questionnaire
Beck Anxiety Inventory
Beck Depression Inventory

Section 7 – Bonus Material
Questions For Your Insurance Agent-2020
Filling Out EAP Insurance Applications

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