Custom Website Development, Management and Hosting


Our Custom Websites are built on the Wordpress platform with our world-class page-builders and all of the plugin functionalities needed for a highly professional practice website.

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$159/mo gets you a site housed on our semi-private servers, is lighting-fast and has multiple layers of security to protect against hackers and spammers. This allows you to pay off the website development over time after which your monthly price drops to a “hosting and support only” price of $99.95/mo.

Prefer to talk first before you commit? Then call 469-536-2347 right now and talk to Phillip.

The Custom Website Set-Up Process

  1. The entire set-up process for a custom website is thoroughly outlined in our Website Development and Hosting Agreement which can be downloaded and viewed right here!

    Download “Website Development and Hosting Agreement” Website-Development-and-Hosting-Agreement.pdf – Downloaded 36 times – 226 KB

  2. Contact Phillip if needed to discuss any questions you may have.
  3. Purchase your website through this page (you’ll get a call pdq) or call Phillip to initiate the process. 469-536-2347


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