My Top 3 Highlights of the August 2021 BHEC Council Meeting

August 2021 BHEC Council Meeting

If you weren’t able to attend the August 2021 BHEC Council Meeting last Tuesday here are my top 3 take-away issues. There were many additional items worth mentioning but you’ll have to watch the recorded meeting found at this link to find out more about those topics. Here we go. 1. Discussion Regarding Improvement of…

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7 Powerful Guidelines to Protect Your Practice From the Entitled

Protect Your Practice From the Entitled

What’s Your Position On…. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.Supervisors: What is your position on associates starting their own practice whilst under your supervision? *OK with it. I’m operating under the impression that a Board Rule will absolve me from all liability issues.Not a good idea. I’m not assuming their business’…

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My Empowered 3-Level Potential Harm Decision Tree

Potential Harm Decision Tree

I had a chance to review the last LPC Board Meeting again last week with a group of Supervisors attending one of our workshops. Things tend to focus the more you review them and such is the case with this particular topic. Building on my “Potential Harm” hierarchy I presented last week (go read that…

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3 Thoughts on Protecting Joe Citizen

Joe Citizen

Last week we defined a few terms and made a few arguments to support my basic position on protecting Joe Citizen. This week I’d like to establish a pecking order for prioritizing the safety of the three parties involved and see if we can establish a common-sense platform from which to operate. My Position on…

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Owning a Business vs Danger of Operating a Practice

Owning a Business vs Operating a Practice

Associates operating a practice. I’ve had a couple of weeks to think about this issue since the last LPC Board Meeting. I thought I’d calm down once the dust settled but all that did was allow me to see the potential harm to my license and career more clearly. I Like Being a Supervisor, But……

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