Owning a Business vs Danger of Operating a Practice

Owning a Business vs Operating a Practice

Associates operating a practice. I’ve had a couple of weeks to think about this issue since the last LPC Board Meeting. I thought I’d calm down once the dust settled but all that did was allow me to see the potential harm to my license and career more clearly. I Like Being a Supervisor, But……

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6 Easy Ways to Avoid the “What’s BHEC?” Question

What's BHEC?

What’s BHEC? Yes, we’re still getting inquiries from fully licensed counselors asking, “What’s BHEC?”. A working knowledge of what BHEC is and how it affects your everything is not a life-threatening issue but it will be life-altering if you don’t get familiar with it sooner than later. Here’s 3 reasons why. BHEC Oversees Your Board…

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What is The Academy?

What is The Academy

What is The Academy? It’s an organized collection of materials; free, paid, live, recorded, original and curated! It’s built on a foundation we call, The Counseling Landscape and the basic content is available to all licensed mental health professionals. That means you don’t have to be a supervisor or an associate to avail yourself of the basic program. Simply…

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