LPC Board Lockdown: Another Big Fat Wait!

By Kathleen Mills | April 15, 2018

The LPC Board is almost two years behind processing complaints and servicing licensee requests. Here’s my open letter to the board.

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Private Practice: Top “Must Haves” for Success

By Kathleen Mills | October 10, 2015

Speaker:  Kathleen Mills, Private Practice Counselor of Life Tree Counseling Center Topic:  “Top Must Haves to Cultivate a Successful Private Practice” There are certain “things” you absolutely must have in order to run your practice smoothly. In 1991, it was hard for me to even imagine starting a private counseling practice.  In March of 1992,…

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The Complaint Process & Chapter 611

By Kathleen Mills | October 3, 2015

Are you prepared against any complaint? Do you know the standards of Chapter 611?

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Business Setup 101: Get Your Super Tools!

By Kathleen Mills | September 26, 2015

When a lawsuit is rendered against you, you need more than tools and skills. You need super tools as a part of your business setup!

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Practice Analysis and Assessment Inventory

By Kathleen Mills | September 19, 2015

Determine your strengths and weaknesses at our business symposium. Learn more about practice analysis and assessment inventory.

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Health Care: Should You Even Care?

By Kathleen Mills | September 12, 2015

Do you know about the facts about the new health care in town? Should you even care to consider the facts?

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