The Counseling Landscape Workshop Pt 3 (7 CEU)

Kathleen Mills, LPC-S, CEAPMore State Codes and More Practice Marketing Workshop Synopsis: In this workshop, Part 3, we're going to continue what we started in the Part 2 workshop. We'll review the remaining state laws (codes) that your licensing board is asking you to be familiar with then we'll  switch gears and talk more about marketing your practice. Hope you find it useful!

Module 1 Before You Get Started-Files to Download
Lesson 1 Workbook Files You'll Need To Download Before You Begin!  
Module 2 Practice Marketing and State Codes
Lesson 1 Intro Session-An Overview of the Day  
Lesson 2 Session 1-Building Your Referral Networks  
Lesson 3 Session 2-Marketing Your Associates  
Lesson 4 Session 3-State Compliance and Codes-Pt 1  
Lesson 5 Session 4-State Compliance and Codes-Pt 2  
Module 3 Feedback Form and CEU Certificate
Lesson 1 Feedback Form and CE Certificate