The Complaint Process

LPC Board Meeting Review Notes-Sept 2018

The LPC Board meeting was recently held in Dallas. Listen to Kathleen’s review as she details day 1 which dealt with licensing issues. On day 2, counselors get their 3 minutes to defend their livelihoods, and Day 3,….listen and find out!

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Day 1 At The Board Meeting

Day 1 At The Board Meeting So, day one with the LPC Board at DTS listening to the many discussions between the Board and licensees regarding their licensing issues. One of two things are happening: Lots of want-to-be counselors are getting in trouble because they either (a) failed to either read the rules or (b)…

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The Complaint Hearing And Things You Need To Know

The Complaint Hearing: You Got A Troll My Dear Friend From Afar, It’s 5:30 am, in Austin, staying in a nice hotel who purports nice accommodations, yet, you have been wide awake since yesterday. This morning, you will be testifying before your licensing board.You waited 1407 days for this day to get here. That’s 3…

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