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"It is my belief, after 27 years of personal experience, that our profession is in a state of crisis; that both mental health counselors and colleagues in related disciplines are practicing perilously close to a disastrous end and most are not aware of it. 

I see this as a result of inadequate preparation by our universities, limited focus from our professional organizations, and a lack of comprehensively developed continuing education programs.

And I intend to do what I can to keep what happened to me from happening to you!"


Practice Mentors | Practice Mentors

Our Primary Objective Is...

...to reach new and prospective mental health and related counseling professionals at the intersection of, Profession and Regulation, and help the willing ward off professional, personal, and financial disaster. 

To provide the information you need, to...


Know how to properly set up your business on many different levels, with the help of professionals, in order to protect yourself. It's not enough to rent a space and hang your shingle.  Dig your well before you need the water.


Developing solid practice procedures is critical not only to providing a good client experience but, protecting yourself from, "Things That Go Bump In The Night". The cheapest, quickest options are almost never the best.


It isn’t a matter of “if” something unfortunate will happen, it's “when”. If you have prepared properly you should be able to defend yourself, but you'll still need to know what to do! Are you sure you're ready?

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What Your Peers Say...

"I first Met Kathleen with PracticeMentors in an educational CEU regarding Release of Records a few months ago. Kathleen is knowledgeable, engaging, and totally up to date on all things ethical! If you need any CEU’s, Practice Mentors is the go-to for any and all your needs."

--Beth Boatman, LPC

"Very informative. Helps so much in being proactive about protecting myself in the event of a complaint."

--James Clay, LPC

"Great setting for in-depth discussion and learning."

--Melissa Christiansen, LPC

"Today's course was very informative about the new rules changes and how to respond to a complaint. I highly recommend!"

--Austin Bray, LPC

"Very comprehensive workshop. Left me with a lot to consider and do to make my practice more professional and ultimately better for my clients. Especially loved the personal time and attention."

--George Fritts, LPC

Comment made in relation to Katheen's, "Four Cornerstones of an Ethical Practice" Workshop.

"This is seriously one of the best, most prepared, informed workshops I've ever attended. This is well worth the money and I see it as an investment in my professional development."

Dr. Olivia Wedel, LPC

"Great way to learn the new LPC rules, in a very relaxed and effective workshop. Beats most ethics workshops anywhere!"

--Vicki Vystrcil, LPC

"The training was very informative and provided me the confidence to address a complaint. Thank you!"

--Noemi Mendez Hyams, LPC

"This was helpful, informative, and honest! It's given me the confidence and information needed to practice confidently."

--Meredith Zahorsky, LPC

"I've been to other workshops of Kathleen's and she is a fabulous instructor. The handouts are an excellent resource. I would recommend her workshops to everyone!"

--Roberta Jacobs, LPC

"I attended because I needed 3 ethics hours. I received much more than that!"

--Karen Christensen, LPC

"Kathleen is friendly and funny, but most importantly she is incredibly knowledgeable. She makes learning difficult information fun, as well as providing necessary ethics information not nearly as accessible as we need!"

--Jodi Greanead,  LPC

"A great experience in comfortable surroundings. I learned so much from Kathleen that is applicable to my practice. I will be back for more!"

--Sharon Montcalm, LPC

"Kathleen Is the best in the business in terms of preparing therapists for private practice. Her knowledge is superior, her experience invaluable, and her content a a must if you are a counselor."

--Anne "Kip" Watson, LPC-S

"As someone very fresh to the counseling profession, this was an eye-opening workshop that boosted my confidence interacting with clients when it comes to legal paperwork considerations."

--Andee Fonseca, LPC

"Kathleen is approachable and knowledgeable. She helped make the code, which looks overwhelming, feel manageable and clear. "

--Meagan Jackson, LPC

"Kathleen is a 'gem' and is advocating for all counselors (LPC's)."

--Tami Logsdon, LPC

"Kathleen is an excellent presenter. She puts her heart & soul into all of her work and it is evident in the information she imparts."

--Roberta "Bobbie" Jacobs, LPC

"This training is practical and necessary to equip counselors with the knowledge to responsibly manage requests and manage the business of running a counseling practice."

--Ashley Jesse, LPC-S

"Enjoyed the private and very personal workshop. Tons of information provided."

--Cheryl Moses, LPC