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Last week I promised a couple of examples to run through the proposed ce rules changes. I think we've covered the short-comings of each individually proposed change in sufficient detail in Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of this series so we'll let that speak for the difficulties those changes will bring about for your mental health. Today I want to tackle the largest situational oversight, supervisor training, and come at it from two different directions.

Current 40 Hr Supervisor Training Scenario

Under the current rules, taking this one course will not only qualify you for your "S", it'll also take care of every ce hour you'll need for your current renewal cycle including the TX Ethics. You may also take the training course from anyone that offers it and adheres to the guidelines published in your rulebook. We have no carry-forward rule now, so any plus hours simply serve to make you a more informed counselor.

Under the Proposed CE Rules Changes

As far as obtaining your "S" by taking a 40 hour training course there are two scenarios to consider to understand how broken this thing really is. Oh, both of these scenarios assume you start from -0- hours already booked. If you have hours in the can already, things just get worse.

1. Take the Course From an Approved Provider

  • You get 40 hours of CE credit to apply towards your "S" and your renewal cycle, and they all count.
  • Excess hours may be carried forward but only a maximum of 10, so you may lose 6-10 hours from that.

2. Take the Course From a Non-Approved Provider

Here's how that plays out:

  • You get 40 hours of CE credit but....
    • You would only get partial credit towards your "S" (because 50% of your CE's have to come from the Approved Provider list).
    • Only half of it counts towards your renewal cycle needs (50% Rule applies here, too) .
  • The half that don't count because they came from a non-approved provider may be carried forward but you're limited to 10.

So, take your 40 hour training from a non-approved provider and you'll then have to find an approved provider to take 20 more hours that do count to get your "S", which is ridiculous and not going to happen. That means no one will take supervisor training courses from anyone not on the approved provider list.

BTW, the Recommended Provider list isn't really a list of specific providers, it's a list of preferred entities that Board members, who belong to those entities, want to limit you to.


Here's what's going to happen if this isn't remedied. Future supervisors won't take their 40 hour training from anyone not on the A/P list which means that the non-approved providers will cease to offer the course, and quickly. That limits your choices and that's never a good thing.

Second, the few on the A/P list who may offer it will raise their pricing. Competition keeps pricing down, and a lack of it always justifies their rationale for raising prices.

Third, and most importantly, good counselors who are considering becoming supervisors will just throw in the towel and say to hell with it. It's not worth all the headache.

Show up at the BHEC meeting and make your voice heard. Email your original thoughts (or copy/paste from the template in Part 1 of this series) to general@bhec.texas.gov today. Those emailed thoughts do get printed and distributed to Board members prior to the meeting and are more effective than verbal comments, so don't wait until the last minute.

Plan Smart. Be Safe. Serve Others.

Kathleen Mills, LPC-S, CEAP

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