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7 Things Hurting The Counseling Profession

The PracticeMentors Wall of Excellence is growing quickly! We've determined that the 2021 Michigan Retreat is going to count as a "workshop" as far as moving up the ladder on The Wall of Excellence. Mostly because it IS a workshop, 7-10 CEUS and a ton of topics covered in The Counseling Landscape so why not.

The PracticeMentors Wall of Excellence Spotlight

That being the case.....

1. Kip Rodgers is moving up to the Platinum Level! Yay, Kip!

2. Traci Koen is moving up to the Silver Level right after she sends me a beautiful headshot.

3. Pamela Lyons is moving from Silver to the Gold level once we receive her glamour shot. Pam just keeps coming back to these workshops!

4. Sylvia Hill is also another familiar face around this office and she's moving from Silver to Gold also, by virtue of her second workshop with us.

Recent Additions to the Silver Level:

Rachel Vendsel, LPC-S
Joan Ellason, LPC-S
Louise Chaplin, LPC-S
Sandra Stillo, LPC-S
Marcy Mettica, LPC-S
Lilia Mitchell, LPC-S
Isela Saripella, LPC-S
Heidi Saylor, LPC-S
Cynthia Thompson, LPC-S
Brandi Buckner, LPC-S, and....
Andrew Siefers, LPC-S

I Know What You're Going to Say

"How do I get on the Wall of Excellence", you ask?

Any licensed mental health supervisor (LPC, LMFT, SW, Psych) that attends one of our 4 workshops, and wants to be listed on The Wall, will be listed there.

I'll bet your next question is,.."how does being listed on The Wall of Excellence help me?"

Good question and the complete answer can be found right here!

Congratulations to all of our "Wall Members" for taking proactive steps to broaden the scope of their supervisory training. They are the cream of the crop! But you can add your name to the PracticeMentors Wall of Excellence, too. Just come see us and we'll help you get that done.

And now you know!


Plan Smart. Be Safe. Serve Others.

Kathleen Mills, LPC-S, CEAP

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