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May I Have A Moment of Your Time?

I'm going to be straight-forward and fairly blunt about something I believe in very much. No tip-toeing on eggshells wondering about what the dissenting voices might say because this is just too important.

Most of the history of the world is the story of city-states, kingdoms, and nations that have been ruled by kings and tyrants without the input of the people that were governed. The concept of democracy and a voting populace is a relatively new idea (many thanks to the Greeks) in the history of man. It's a precious right that we reserve for ourselves until someone forcibly takes it away from us.

In the history of our nation there have always been those that think the population is inadequate to determine our own fate and would gladly relieve us of the right to self-govern. If only the mob was unarmed.

What If You Had No Vote?

Make no mistake, there are those in America right now that would fundamentally change the way you live your life, including the taxes you pay, the property you own, the tools you keep to protect yourself from them, the list of changes is lengthy. And some of them have gotten so brazen they dont even try and hide their motives anymore.

The right to vote is foundational to our God-given freedom(s). Without the vote we have no freedoms. If we have no vote, we have no voice and a voice will be supplied for you and you may not like what it tells you to do.

The right to vote is so fundamentally important that millions of Americans have died in the past 250 years just to preserve your individual right to voice your opinion. Think about that....everyday people just like you and me, died so you could go vote. Blood was spilled so you have the opportunity to take 20 extra minutes to detour from your normal routine and go vote once every 2 years.

Protect The Framework That Protects Your Rights

Pick the leaders that you think will best protect the constitutional framework that protects our rights. That's the framework in which we can argue about all of the other issues that we feel passionate about; plenty of time for that, but not if we don't exercise our individual duty to pick the right protectors of our collective freedoms.

It's not "someone else's" job; you are, "someone else. Good, everyday people died so you and I could miss a little TV and contribute to your future and the future of your kids and grand-kids. If you won't go do it for yours, please, please go do it for mine!

It's Our Civic Duty as Patriots

This is my plea for everyone to go vote for the candidate of your choice. So, before any of you send me emails about how I shouldn't be telling you how to vote, please understand that I'm not stumping for any one particular candidate today. I'm asking you to go exercise your fragile right to pick the one you think will best protect you and your families rights and future.

Go vote. There are no excuses.

Plan Smart. Be Safe. Serve Others.

Kathleen Mills, LPC-S, CEAP