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What a year we've had. Nothing about this year has been familiar, predictable or easy. It has forced me to spend some time thinking about the type of people I want to surround myself with. I want to be around those who support Godly acts of kindness while making things better in our world.


The recent election campaign cycle coverage in the traditional legacy networks and online platforms has given me much pause for thought about the obvious issue of the blatant attack on free speech. But what to do about it? I'm just one person, right?


I spend a lot of time on social media in an attempt to communicate my thoughts and opinions with like-minded counselors; those that put God, America, and their clients above political agendas. It's easy to get sucked in to what's happening on these platforms, and my own mental health (and those around me!) was taking a beating. Phillip staged his own version of a, "social media intervention", and convinced me to quit all of the toxic social media groups in which I had been participating.

I kept my Facebook Pages for Life Tree Counseling and and I felt better for a time. This year I've noticed, and experienced, an increasing level of actual, real censorship from the traditional platforms. The heavy-duty censorship began, to my posts and posts of others I follow (it's not a big deal until someone removes one of your posts and classifies it as "misinformation" to the rest of the world!).


That's it. I've had enough. I cannot utilize the communication services of companies that think monitoring, deleting, or labeling my thoughts and opinions based on their arbitrary code and political agenda is acceptable in the America I grew up in. I'm done with them. I refuse to give up the fight to retain the America I know and love, but what else can I do?

I'll tell you what I did. I moved my presence to social media platforms that have pledged not to mirror the egregious behavior of Facebook and Twitter. I moved my Facebook account to (a rising Facebook replacement) and my Twitter account to I just want to be able to voice my thoughts and opinions without censorship by dissenting voices. I dont think that's asking too much in the United States of America, do you?


The best way to get someone's attention in America is hit 'em in the wallet and if enough people leave Facebook, Twitter, and their ilk then their revenue will suffer (they make their money selling ads and your personal info. Less to sell equals less money, equals pissed off shareholders!). Then, they will either change their methods, reduce to a minor inconsequential player status, or disappear altogether. That's their call. Leaving, is mine!

I've been putting this off for several months. I didn't want to do this, it's like moving; you have to pack everything up and start all over somewhere else. But enough is enough and my anger finally exceeded the aggravation of change, and here I am!

Will it help change anything? Well, I feel better already and that by itself is enough. But if a couple million of my closest friends do the same thing (and it's already happening) it'll not only make them feel better but the power of the collective will take over and we can accomplish much together.


There are two things you can do to effect big change in this attack on our free speech. First, move away from online platforms that practice censorship. Start with your move from Facebook to Friend me once you get your account set up, then go move from Twitter to

Second, forward this email to your like-minded friends and let's see what we can do, together. Don't skip this step!

Here are my new social media links if you'd like to have them.

Life Tree Counseling My Personal Page
Life Tree Counseling Business Page
Life Tree Counseling @kathleenmillslpcs Our Business Page


Our profession is honorable and I serve only those counselors through who truly have the heart to serve. I do not/will not support professionals who want to be political-agenda, social-justice-warrior trolls. Let them have each other!

We have seen this past week how truly important one vote can be. National elections are very often decided by a mere handful of votes from one county. That means that your one voice really does matter. I'm asking you as a like-minded counselor to vote this week, with your mouse, for free, unhindered, unfiltered speech to the betterment of us all as a nation and as counselors. We can do this.

Tag, you're it!

Plan Smart. Be Safe. Serve Others.

Kathleen Mills, LPC-S, CEAP

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