The Uniquely Powerful PracticeMentors Wall of Excellence

PracticeMentors Wall of Excellence

The PracticeMentors Wall of Excellence is growing quickly! We’ve determined that the 2021 Michigan Retreat is going to count as a “workshop” as far as moving up the ladder on The Wall of Excellence. Mostly because it IS a workshop, 7-10 CEUS and a ton of topics covered in The Counseling Landscape so why not.…

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4 Provocative Thoughts About Our Critical Thinking Skills

critical thinking

As a nation our critical thinking skills are shot! I will speak for Life Tree Counseling only when I say that we are seeing way too many clients who are in panic mode and a heightened state of anxiety right now because they consistently believe what they’re told and question nothing! They have seemingly forgotten…

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How To Sell Your Big Idea

How to sell your big idea

How To Sell Your Big Idea. Going to sell it on your website? Have you given any thought as to how you’re going to promote and sell it? That’s where you need to begin with your idea. See how.

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Practice Development Bonus

Practice Development

Let’s talk about practice development for a minute. Our complimentary counseling session program has been well received so far and we thank you very much for that. I’m seeing a common thread throughout most of those sessions that I’d like to focus on today and that is the recognition by almost all of those we’ve…

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