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Day 1 At The Board Meeting

Day 1 At The Board Meeting So, day one with the LPC Board at DTS listening to the many discussions between the Board and licensees regarding their licensing issues. One of two things are happening: Lots of want-to-be counselors are getting in trouble because they either (a) failed to either read the rules or (b)…

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LPC Board Complaint Hearing

LPC Board Complaint Hearing, May 2018 Several of us, LPC Supervisors, traveled to Austin on May 15 expecting the board to meet over several days ( May 16 was for Supervisors) as per listed on the website. Mind you, we planned the trip in February as our LPC Board posted all 2018-2019 meeting dates and…

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Becoming An LPC Intern With Jordan Dunn

Jordan Dunn Practice Mentors Becoming An LPC Intern

Podcast Summary The road to becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor runs right through a long and detailed internship. Listen to Jordan Dunn outline what he’s done to in preparation for traversing the gauntlet, and find out if the questions he poses to Kathleen Mills are some that you might be wrestling with as well.

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