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The Complaint Hearing And Things You Need To Know

The Complaint Hearing: You Got A Troll My Dear Friend From Afar, It’s 5:30 am, in Austin, staying in a nice hotel who purports nice accommodations, yet, you have been wide awake since yesterday. This morning, you will be testifying before your licensing board.You waited 1407 days for this day to get here. That’s 3…

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Licensing Board Complaint Letter

So: You Received a Complaint Letter. Now What? I met up with one of my wonderful mentors the other day. Of course, we always catch up with one another first before we go into the deep dive of things. It’s just nice to get out of my hobbit hole and see a trusted compadre! I…

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John Mongogna Dissects Liability Insurance For Counselors Pt.1

Practice Mentors John Mongogna

Podcast Summary: Listen to Kathleen Mills and John Mongogna dissect the different parts of your liability policy and tell you why it doesn’t cover a lot of things you probably think it does. “Fore-warned is fore-armed”, so grab a crying towel and listen to Part 1 of this frank discussion and learn how to Defend yourself.

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