LPC/LMFT Supervisor Refresher Course-Become A Mentor In 7 Packed CEU's

We'd like to announce something new! The Kathleen Mills LPC Supervisor Refresher Course and the PracticeMentors.us Advanced Supervisory Curriculum Academy.

The what? Well, just click the video and listen to Kathleen explain it.....


But it gets better!supervisor refresher course | PracticeMentors

What if, for a very nominal monthly sum, your interns could access all of the PracticeMentors.us online content to augment your newly acquired curriculum?


Would that help you develop an intern better prepared for practice?

Would it help you retain the interns that you enjoy working with and screen the rest out?


We think so, which is why we've put this program together. There's a lot more to tell you about this exciting opportunity because we're going to cover every base of private practice and make it available through the Advanced Supervisory Curriculum Academy to Supervisors that want to take their game to the next level and beyond, and be part of the solution.

And, yes, there will be chocolate breaks. (In Chapter 681.141 SubChapter J Continuing Education Credits. page 35 of LPC Rules it says, "(d) A licensee holding the supervisor status must complete 6 hours of continuing education in supervision every 2 years." It doesn't say it has to be boring!!)

The Refresher Course agenda below will change from time to time as events warrant, of course, but the library of content you need to grow those young professionals you feel driven to help will only grow over time. Wouldn't you like to have unfettered access to that for your interns?

Look over the workshop agenda below, check out the available dates on the other side of the big, blue button, then grab your seat; be part of the dream. We need your help.


"This wasn't just an update...it was a new, refreshing look

at existing, as well as emerging, information. Thank you for

sharing your expertise with us. I expect to be a better supervisor

and practitioner as a result of today's experience."

--Bobbie Burks, LPC-S  (Tyler, TX)

"The networking and ability to interact and ask questions is priceless because

I can tailor what I'm learning to my practice. The printed materials,

website and resources allow me to review the information

again and again so I can actually learn and retain what was presented."

--Lisa Heath Evans, LPC-S (Forney, TX)

"Awesome training! Very informative.

Great experience for both new and experienced clinicians."

--Komeka Biddle, LPC

"Kathleen is an incredible advocate for mental health professionals.

Thank you, for sharing your personal experiences in our field.

I appreciate your integrity and due diligence in attending the Board Meetings on our behalf.

Your perspective is truly helpful."

--Tiffany Derrick, LPC

Your LMFT Supervisory Workshop Instructor | Kathleen Mills

Kathleen Mills-Practice MentorsKathleen Mills has a special interest in the business side of mental health care that has led to the development of PracticeMentors.us. She conducts events that cover a myriad of topics of interest to Texas mental health professionals, including: business protocol, office operations, business start-up tips and suggestions, and legal considerations that every counselor in the state should embrace. She’s also a talented speaker/presenter. Kathleen offers various workshops and CEUS for mental health professionals in the area of business development and ethics. Many of these topics are presented by professionals in their fields.



Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Employee Assistance Professional
Education: Master of Education in Counselor Education, University of North Texas
Years in Practice: 28

LPC Supervisor Refresher Course-Become A Mentor In 7 Packed CEU's
supervisor refresher course | PracticeMentors

We'd like to announce something new! The Kathleen Mills LPC Supervisor Refresher Course and the PracticeMentors.us Advanced Supervisory Curriculum Academy.

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Course Provider Name: PracticeMentors.us

Course Provider URL: https://practicementors.us/events/category/live-ceu-workshops/for-supervisors/

supervisor refresher course | PracticeMentors
Kathleen Mills-Practice Mentors