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So: You Received a Complaint Letter. Now What?

I met up with one of my wonderful mentors the other day. Of course, we always catch up with one another first before we go into the deep dive of things. It's just nice to get out of my hobbit hole and see a trusted compadre!

I told my mentor about some recent private consults I do: helping licensees compose their response to their respective board when they receive that dreaded complaint letter. As we all know, this is a very time sensitive thing (15 business days).

When I get calls from those who have been served with a complaint, I have to tell them about the big time line before we can begin the consultation. To say the least, they are shell shocked!

By the time my update was finished, the mentor looked at me (with excitement, which is not typical) and said, pressingly,

"No! You actually help attorneys on the front side of this complaint thing! You actually save both the licensee and the future attorney a huge chunk of change and time by doing this first! And, you actually are far better than attorneys, when it comes to formulating a proper response. You are the expert because you figured it out through your own experience!"
I tried to be dismissive of my mentor's praise, due to the reason behind "why" I do this. I have been there, done that, and want to be helping others not go it alone, like I had to do. But my mentor did not let me brush off this compliment. Instead they spent the next 30 minutes persuading me and I finally ended up saying, "Thank you.You are really certain about this, aren't you?"
And the mentor looked at me yet again and said, "Yes, ....Attorneys are great in court, before a judge, but they do not know the stark differences and nuances when it comes to board defense, because it is completely different. They also do not know the ins and outs of your licensing board, like you do!". They hit the nail on the head when describing the value this kind of service offers to our community of professionals and why I am so passionate about using my experience to educate others.
Here is a testimonial from someone who used my services just recently:

"I am so, so thankful. Thank you for what you do!"

and another one:

"I could not have done this without you. I feel so much better."

****You know, if the boards are going to take their sweet time with us, then I think, it's my job to help the licensee get to feeling better and more equipped to respond about this whole ordeal, in a big fat hurry.****

Attorneys have been known to charge as much as $7000 to write just the response for you. (true story, btw) DO NOT DO THIS, please! I am fairly certain your malpractice liability will NOT cover the cost of this written response. Just ask them and listen very carefully to how they respond to that question.

I help attorneys, HELP YOU, with the response part...even though your malpractice gave you that free referral name. You can take the response we draft to your attorney and it will help them on the front side.

The licensees who see me first, leave freer from excess worry because we were able to craft a more solid response than if they would have done it themselves. This would not be the case had the licensee elected to bypass a 2 hour consult with me. I am confident of this and so are those licensees.

These sweet licensees can move freely around the planet, now that the complaint timeline has been revealed, the responses were on point and we determined how to manage that big fat wait game plan.

Plan Smart. Be Safe. Serve Others.

Kathleen Mills, LPC-S, CEAP

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