LPC Board Complaint Hearing

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LPC Board Complaint Hearing, May 2018

Several of us, LPC Supervisors, traveled to Austin on May 15 expecting the board to meet over several days ( May 16 was for Supervisors) as per listed on the website. Mind you, we planned the trip in February as our LPC Board posted all 2018-2019 meeting dates and times on their website.

On May 9 we learned that the LPC Board failed to reach the minimum "quorum" for the 3 day meeting.

They only met one day, Thursday, May 17, and heard some of the 2015 and 2016 complaints. There were only 2 LPC board members and 1 public member who rendered judgments for licensees who testified that day.

Yes! You read correctly, Years; 2015 and 2016 and only 2 LPC board members and 1 public member who rendered judgments for licensees who testified that day.

4 Things that were confirmed during the single day, May 17, 2018 LPC board complaint hearing:

  1. Licensees do not know how to craft a well written response to a complaint.
  2. Licensees have extreme difficulty implementing strong business boundaries.
  3. Licensees lack the knowledge to know when and how to utilize a legal consult and lack knowledge on how to construct their 3 minute testimony before the board.
  4. Licensees think their hired attorney will take care of their plight, similar to a traffic ticket. This is hardly the case. This is a transaction that is between you and your board. Period. Your high dollar attorney cannot speak solely on your behalf. YOU must. This is between YOU and YOUR BOARD.
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Kathleen Mills, LPC-S, CEAP

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