Day 1 At The Board Meeting

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Day 1 At The Board Meeting

So, day one with the LPC Board at DTS listening to the many discussions between the Board and licensees regarding their licensing issues.

One of two things are happening: Lots of want-to-be counselors are getting in trouble because they either (a) failed to either read the rules or (b) honestly think they can broker a deal with the Board, when they have clearly not followed protocol.

And then, there were some honest redemption moments in a few cases, too. That was painful to watch, but a few of the licensees were vindicated and will be reinstated, in accordance with the rules.

I crossed paths with one of those licensees in the parking area, as he was waiting for his ride. As I passed him I noticed the tear tracks on his cheeks. I stopped and said, "Congratulations, sir. I know this has been a long, long road for you. But, it is going to be okay now, and you will get to practice again."

He wept. I stayed.

There was joy and relief behind those tears. He's an older man who's sole purpose in life is obviously to serve as a clinician and help those who are struggling. He was willing to appropriately and diplomatically go before the board and state his case, logically and succinctly, and he won his argument with the board.

I am glad for him, and I think you should be too.

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