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Often a potential new client’s first encounter with you is on your website.  Will they be able to make an emotional connection with you that prompts them to schedule that first appointment? See the Description tab below for more details.


20 Other Counselors Want Your Next Client, Too!

You’ve been recommended by a past client. Someone else found you in a Google search. Yet another prospect saw your brochure in a Dr’s office. But, no matter how your next client acquired your name they’re going to, “check you out”, before they even consider scheduling that first appointment. And that means they’re heading straight for your website.  Will they find anything to differentiate you from the other 20? What’s your “unfair advantage”?


Consider Your Buyer’s Funnel

From a buyer’s point-of-view, selecting a new counselor is not a lot different than researching your next car, buying a house, or deciding where to go for dinner. There’s a process to selecting and purchasing anything and you had better know what it is for picking a counselor!

In the first step of that buyer’s-funnel a potential client is looking for reasons to trust you and feel confident in your abilities. Without this emotional authorization, the odds that they will permit themselves to move to step two are severely reduced.

Logic Sells, Emotion Drives Action

What that means is there’s a definite place in your overall profile for your vitae, your educational pedigree, and your client focus; they’re the factual, logical parts of your persona. But they’re rarely going to be what gives your prospects that “connection” that moves them to pick up the phone. That is what your story is for.  It’s about you and the life experiences that have shaped you, that make you the counselor that you are.

Your story is designed and written to make the emotional connection with your targeted client segment that gives you an “unfair advantage” over your competitor counselors. Written to inform the reader of the “wisdom of experience” that you’ve gained, they will also come away with the requisite foundation of trust they were looking for. Isn’t that what you seek to deliver and establish when first you meet with a new client, anyway?

Why not utilize that shared information to increase your website visitor conversion ratio, and accelerate the counselor-client relationship? It’s a win-win for everyone (except for your competitors!).

How Does This Work?

Purchase the, “Your Story” package. We’ll contact you within 24 hours to schedule an interview which can be done over the phone, and usually takes about 45-60 minutes to complete. In that time we’ll have an easy conversation and move methodically through the experiences that have shaped you.  We’ll explore your thoughts on how that all translates into your “great differentiator”, as it applies to what you seek to provide for your target market(s).

Once we complete the conversation please allow 5-7 business days for us to complete our first draft. You’ll correct any factual errors and be given a chance to strike any portion you feel may be inappropriate, or you may add additional detail for clarification. Typically we’re finished after you receive the second proof. Then you’ll receive a digital copy of it to post on your website, or use it anywhere else you decide to, as well.


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