Legal Beagle World Tour 2017 Online Conference-Day 2 (2 CEU’s)


  1. Therapist Testimony: When Confidentiality Goes Out The Window
  2. HIPAA Compliance
  3. Sunset Commission & Complaint Timeline

2.0 CEU’s



This is Session (2) of a (3)-part series presented online in our 2017 annual online conference. This session opens with a brief dialogue between host Kathleen Mills and, “Tour ’17” event sponsor, Jeremy Hardy of Carrollton Springs, offering you a check-list approach to evaluate a treatment facility. Then the focus shifts to family court law in a discussion presented by Erin Bogdanovicz, during which she will discuss a plethora of points you’ll want to know if your practice overlaps into the world of family court in any manner. Kathleen will then present information on compliance and getting that right followed up with detailed information about the Sunset Commission and the Complaint Timeline. And finally, Kathleen will moderate a bit of Q&A between all of the guests, and there you have it; 2.0 CEU’s, including 1.5 TX Ethics credits, from the comfort of your home!


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