Course: John Pearce On Selecting The Proper Business Entities (1 CEU)


Templated forms can be a wonderful….place to begin, but they never come customized to your, “unique situation”. That would be, your life!

We’ve all seen the brake commercial where the call-to-action is, “pay me now, or pay me later”, and the suggested pain in the latter portion of the option is that paying later is going to cost a whole lot more! And there will be no getting around it. The same is true of templated forms.

When you begin a business there is a beginning, and there will be an end, and if you don’t set things up properly in the beginning then the probable ending outcome will be more costly and painful than it really had to be.

John Pearce is one of the attorneys Kathleen used in her story and he is 30-plus years well-versed in the ins and outs of contractual fine print. He’s heard all of the excuses, exceptions, and “yeah-buts” as to why people cheaped-out on setting up their businesses correctly. He’s watched as clients lost millions of dollars (really!) in the sale and disposition of their businesses because they didn’t do it right up front.The paperwork didn’t match the particulars of their lives.

Don’t think that because you’re a counselor and don’t have a multi-million dollar practice that this doesn’t apply to you; it does. It would cost you a bit over $500/hr to gain the wisdom of his years, and other peoples’ anguish, but you can hear it all right now for $39 bucks. I dare you!


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