Practice “Report Card” Consult


There is a lot of valuable, free material on this website about running your practice, but if you feel like having someone take a look at your practice from head-to-toe might be a good idea, then this is the program for you. Kathleen Mills has run a very successful practice for over 24 years and knows what metrics to look for. Let her help you streamline your practice through her, Practice “Report Card” Consult program.

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Is your practice not performing like you think it should? Things seem to be moving along okay but you’re not making any money? One thing’s for sure, if something’s not right and you don’t do something about it now, you’ll continue to realize the same, anemic outcome. It won’t fix itself.  Let Kathleen Mills help you assess your practice from head-to-toe, identify areas you can work on immediately, and provide a course of measureable actions that you can use to address problem areas in your business and move your practice to the next level.  Here’s how her, “Practice ‘Report Card’ Consult” package works:

  • Once you’ve purchased the package we’ll send you a comprehensive questionnaire that must be completed at least 7 days prior to the meeting. This will give Kathleen adequate time to review and develop her initial practice assessment.
  • If you live in the DFW area, all consults are held in Kathleen’s offices in Addison, TX.  Not local? Then a phone consult or video conference will be “the venue” of choice.
  • Your initial meeting with Katheen will last 60-90 minutes. The objective is to review the assessment for accuracy, get additional input from you in order to maximize your final report’s accuracy.
  • Within 1-2 weeks following your initial meeting a final report will be issued along with Kathleen’s observations, suggestions for improvement and plan metrics so you can gauge your progress.
  • A :30 minute call will be scheduled in order to review the report with you.
  • You will have Kathleen’s email address and may pose as many questions via email as you need to after you have reviewed your Report Card with Kathleen.

Like everything else in life, whether you avail yourself of Kathleen’s experience or not is a simple math question: if the cost of a consult is less than the cost of the problem(s) you’re experiencing then it’s an easy decision. Register now and let’s get your time with Katheen scheduled!


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