Post Complaint-Process Recovery | September Workshop

September 29, 2017 8:30 am - 12:00 pm Office In The Park | Life Tree Counseling Center, Inc. 14679 Midway Road Suite 200 Addison, TX 75001

Summary:  This special, Post Complaint-Process Recovery, private workshop is for those counselors who have been through the TX Mental Health Board's grueling complaint process and survived, but would like to avail themselves of the support of others with similar experiences.

"When we are in groups, when we are surrounded by people who believe what we believe, trust emerges and our very survival and progress goes up.”

                                                                          ~Simon Sinek

Post Complaint-Process RecoveryPost Complaint-Process Recovery | September Workshop

Simon Sinek, author of, Leaders Eat Last, described the importance of finding a leader who sacrifices everything and willing to eat last, so his loyal colleagues can do exceed all expectations. And, I believe he is right! Our sense of purpose relies on finding a "safe" group that can help us survive when circumstances beyond our control, get tough.

Post-Complaint recovery for most counselors is shame-based. Largely, because our profession fails its own, when we need words of encouragement and support and guidance to move forward.

Private Workshop Qualifications

This workshop is for those professionals who need a place to debrief with other professionals who have been through the licensing board complaint process. Or, those who are currently going through the complaint process now and need a safe place to debrief with other professionals who have "Been There, Done That". You will be asked to bring your compliant folder with you and be prepared to share your experience.

This interactive, confidential, post-complaint, recovery workshop will follow this format:

Hour One: Group Debriefing or, "WTH Just Happened?"

  • Allow each participant to debrief, share and process the residual, professional fallout.
  • Discuss and review specific LPC/LCSW rules, including the release of records, that pertained to the complaint.

Hour Two: Review of The Complaint Process

  • Review the complaint process and protocol in each situation.
  • Revise ethical daily operations to help protect and equip you, and openly discuss standard malpractice/liability policies.

Hour Three: Empower!

  • Provide ways to help restore confidence to keep your business open.
  • Take back to your office a list of things that will help reinforce your daily operations as shared by the group.

Become a part of our new post-complaint recovery support group: The Circle Of Safety Club, by registering for this event. Learn how to make that Troll go away!

What You'll Receive:

(1) Light Breakfast or Lunch Will Be Served and, yes, chocolate too!

(1) Workbook-The Post Complaint-Process Recovery Process

(3) CEUs Texas Ethics Approved. Seating can accommodate only 8.

(Unlimited) Fellowship. Healing. Validation.

(Unlimited) Courage and strength to move on.

"You don't have to do this on your own, anymore."


Kathleen Mills-Practice Mentors





Kathleen Mills, LPC-S, CEAP, CMO, Survivor of The System

Life Tree Counseling Center Approved Texas LPC CEU Provider #1777
Life Tree Counseling Center Approved Texas Social Worker CEU Provider #6942