A Structured Program For Continuing Education Credits?

If you've listened to Kathleen's Story and read our, "Free Report On The Counseling Industry", you should have a pretty good idea by now what the problem is. There's no shortage of professional development CE opportunities (that's a good thing) but courses that address other, critical areas of managing your practice are almost non-existant, or very poor quality if you can find them. That's why PracticeMentors is here; to fill those subject-matter gaps with the best information we can produce.

The image below is a diagram illustrating the problem.

Kathleen Mills, LPC-S, CEAP

Starting To Get The Picture?

A properly EQUIPPED counselor, is a properly PREPARED counselor; one that can DEFEND him/herself in a confident manner.

There are many CE units available for professional development topics, and quite a few free events hosted by health-industry giants as a part of their prospecting-marketing efforts. Nothing wrong with that, but, they have their agenda driving their efforts and we have ours.

Yes, we are a for-profit entity and our business model is driven by the need to fill the business-topic void that exists. Why? Because a lack of knowledge in those areas will yield a lack of preparedness and defenses for you when the world comes to take what you've built. So what happened to Kathleen won't happen to you.

So, where do you go from here?

Continuing Education By Design

What we're suggesting is this; that you take control over your continuing education, and do that by mapping out the subject-matter that you'll be pursuing between now and your next license renewal date.

Just like you did in school when planning your degree except this time you won't have to leave the house, make an appointment, stand in line, or put up with a guidance counselor. You do it yourself and it's pretty darn easy. The checklist for putting your own, personalized CE By Design plan together is listed to the right.

Getting Started Checklist

1 Download the form from this link.

2 Mark your next license renewal date on the form.

3 Do a little quick math and see how many more CEU's you may need between now and your next renewal date.

4 Select the subject-matter topics you'd like to take for credits.

5 Mark the date/quarter in which you'd like to take the course.

All done!

Because almost all of our courses are in an, "on-demand", digital mode on our website, you can spread your budget out over time and take whichever course you'd like, anytime you want.

If you'd prefer to attend our live events, no problem! You'll just need to check our live events calendar for the date/time and location before filling in your calendar.