BHECs Darrel Spinks on Practicing Across State Lines (1 CEU)

Kathleen Mills, LPC-S, CEAPWelcome! The rules and guidelines for practicing across state lines can be very, very confusing, but they don't have to be. I strongly urge you not to get your legal counsel on this issue from your peers or FB Friends because the odds are very high that it will be wrong. There are a million different out-of-state treatment scenarios that each end with the same question, "Can I legally treat my client in that situation?". Fortunately, all of those treatment requests can be boiled down to about a half-dozen scenarios and the really good news is that the answer is the same for all of them!

In this interview with BHEC's Executive Director Darrel Spinks (attorney by trade), that is exactly what Darrel will do for you. We're going to boil it down to one rule that you need to remember to stay safe. Join us and once you're done you'll know the accurate truth on dealing with this matter and you will have earned (1) CEU for your efforts. As always, your ce certificate is available for download upon completion of the online course. Enjoy!

Module 1 BHECs Darrel Spinks on Practicing Across State Lines
Lesson 1 Practicing Across State Lines With BHECs Darrel Spinks ED
Lesson 2 Feedback Form and CE Certificate