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Liability Coverages For Counselors or, What You Don’t Know You Don’t Know

John Sutter Practice Mentors Liability Coverages For Counselors

Podcast Summary: Liability coverages for counselors, or a root canal? No one likes to talk about business insurance except the insurance guy. But you’d better get it right up front because, “when you need it”, is too late to go back and get it. Listen to Kathleen and John Sutter of Coverica talk about the many types of coverage needed by counselors and some of the pitfalls to avoid.

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Becoming An LPC Intern With Jordan Dunn

Jordan Dunn Practice Mentors Becoming An LPC Intern

Podcast Summary The road to becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor runs right through a long and detailed internship. Listen to Jordan Dunn outline what he’s done to in preparation for traversing the gauntlet, and find out if the questions he poses to Kathleen Mills are some that you might be wrestling with as well.

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